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Writing as a Small Business

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Why are rejection letters valuable?

Why it is to your advantage that the Internal Revenue Service consider you a small business?

How can you engage in simple record-keeping that can make you audit proof?
How do you account for various types of incomes available to writers and artists, such as royalties, grants, stipends, and gratuities?
How do you fill out the self-employment tax form?
What percentage of a sale does each state collect for sales taxes and who do you contact for information and a license?

Writing as a Small Business is the creative person’s bible to answer these and other questions for those who work from home. Nash Black introduces the reader to the business side of writing and publishing by presenting brief essays on the various methods of publishing and the means of marketing a creative work as an overview of the vast field of market research.

They take the reader line-by-line through the current IRS Schedule C to explain and illustrate the deductions that are available to the self-employed writer or artist. These deductions (business expenses) are documented with citations from the United States Supreme Court and the various levels of Federal Tax Courts.

In today’s changing world, authors and artists must develop business savvy. Yet, many find themselves long on creativity, but short on business expertise and tax knowledge (sales, local, state, and federal). Promotional and marketing skills enable the writer to earn money. Writing as a Small Business is the perfect guide to help you keep it.

Nash Black acquired these skills from owning a small business, working second jobs, teaching business accounting for fifteen years, and through hard-earned experience. Their knowledge can guide you from the beginning of an entrepreneurial endeavor through the process of an IRS audit. Their work is the first book you should add to your reference shelf after a dictionary.

Writing as a Small Business was a finalist for the Independent Publisher’s award for non-fiction and carries the designation on its cover.


Headlines from five-star reviews.

“A critically important, thoroughly ‘user friendly’, instructional guide.”
Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI.

“A must for all writers” Matthew D. Heines, Deceptions of the Ages.