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Prelude of Death -- Nash Black

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Prelude of Death - Out Now

The flaming embers of the Wren hotel still smolder when secrets explodes that have the power to destroy three lives.

Marcy Lane returns home to disaster. Her fragile links to her missing daughter and her career are consumed in the inferno.

Bill Leighton’s body is left on the golf course as the flames scorch the night sky. An ambitious prosecutor intends to capitalize on Marcy’s fame and manages to secure an indictment against her for Bill’s murder.

Elton Fightmaster must defend her, but she gives him nothing except a protest of her innocence. He is ill prepared to stage a rebuttal against the terrible facts revealed during the trial.

Phillip Andrews has hidden behind a haze of alcoholism since the night they graduated from high school. The burning hotel exposes the unstable mental condition of his sister. Can he find the courage to risk his remaining family to expose secrets he and Bill Leighton have harbored since tragedy wrecked their graduation party.

The past collides with the present when Elton discovers he has been betrayed by the woman he loves and has sworn to defend. The evidence of friends who were present the night Marcy was raped and left for dead is more than he can comprehend.

Prelude of Death is the beginning of the Ono County Chronicles. It was first published in 2008 as Sins of the Fathers. It has been rewritten, retitled, and reissued.

The story of the Wren Hotel fire is reported in the Ono Chronicle at http://onochronicle.blogspot.com.