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Haints -- Nash Black

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Haints - Out Now
Ghost Story

Haints’ ghost stories are the legends and lore of the Cumberland Plateau. Nash Black weaves yarns of the probable and plausible using the Cumberland River as binding twine. Scientific fact, recorded history, and ecological observation exist side by side with superstition, folklore, and myths. All the stories contain an elements of both worlds.

What is fact and what is fiction? Each man, who is a character from one of their novels, tells his story according to his own understanding of the world of Haints. Sharing stories is an Appalachian tradition. The stories are graphic examples of an oral tradition as old as the mountains of their origin when story telling was both a means of passing on history and an evening’s entertainment.

Haints is a multiple award nominated collection of yarns that retain the read aloud or verbal style of story telling.



One line reviews of Haints.

“Wow, what a gripping, spell-bindling collection.” Paula Vaccarino.

“I read, ‘Don’t Go There’ and truly think it is a fantastic story, as it sounds so realistic.” Dr. Lynnwood Montell, Ghosts Along the Cumberland.

“My favorite was ‘A Father’s Faith.’ Haints is suitable for younger readers.” Jerry Sampson, bookstore owner.

“Nash Black’s ghost stories are versatile and originial.” Roberta Simpson Brown, Lamplight Tales.

“I wanted to pull the blanket around my shoulders, check out the shadowy corners of the room, then keep reading for the next story to send shivers up my spine.” Paige Cummings, Under the Liberty Oak.