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Game of Cards
Cards of Death

Game of Death
Games of Death

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Cards of Death -- Nash Black

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Games of Death -- (story collection)

Nash Black serves a baker's dozen of chilling tales of Ono County where death is a way of life. The dead haunt the living either in memory or as spirits unable to find their way home. He gives games of childhood an eerie twist that will send chills of memories down your spine as ghosts of the past invade the present. Innocent games of tag, jacks, jump rope, swings, and mumblety-peg spell doom for the children who play them. Who knows what lurks in the lake when a lone fisherman dips his line beneath the placid waters? Drag racing on a lonely country road spells disaster, while sanctioned snow mobile racing invites a deadly finish while told from by this award finalist ghost story writer. From beyond the grave a father fights to protect his heritage from golf course developers and not even a bulldozer will stop him. Ever spill your drink at a ballgame? You may have had unseen help as Nash Black explores the history of ghosts that still go out to the old ball game in the single non-fiction story of the collection