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Game of Cards
Cards of Death

Game of Death
Games of Death

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Cards of Death -- Nash Black

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Cards of Death - Coming

A brush by Connie Miller’s bumper topples a corpse. Her comfortable yet lonely retirement evaporates before the winds of death and forbidden love.

Algin Carstairs was Ono County’s golden boy, but he died a bum dumped like garbage behind the Kricket Kafe.

Five women harbor secrets his demise will keep hidden: his wife, an old flame, his mistress, his sister and one whose travels are obscured by darkness.

Connie cannot believe one of her girls is a murderer until Algin’s mother and his mistress join him in death.

Maud Tosh enduces Connie to supplement limited income with a typing service while aiding her to discover who hated three people enough to kill them.

Jordan Ames, a student from her first class, requests she type a deed for him. His real purpose is to stake a claim on her future.

Who in tightknit Ono County will stop at nothing to hide their past and present atrocities? Connie must find both a killer and her own heart before she becomes the next victim.