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our short-short Retribution


Nash Black beckons you to enter his world of mysteries and ghost tales. Push back the door to stories of unexplained death and spirits that inhabit the dark and bloody grounds of Ono County.

Savor the pleasures of the arcane as sweetness sucked from a honeysuckle bloom. Rub against the rough bark or smooth skin of people who populate an area of altering textures. Listen to sounds that creep beneath your skin to race goose bumps through your mind. Breathe the air that floats from meandering shades of darkness. Observe conflicts that drive the denizens of time. Join Nash Black to discover the bonds of family and friends where lives are forged with bands of steel. Relax with a glass of iced tea or a hot toddy, maybe on the same day, when winds blow change across the landscape.

Welcome to Ono County. It is a vast land bordered by five mighty rivers: the Kentucky, Ohio, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Cumberland. Nash Black uses real places to create a fictional realm where the river of time flows as a raging torrent, yet dissolves into the stillness of memory.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

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